Issue 51: Freedom of Speech (Lynda Goetz)

28 April 2016 Freedom of Speech Have we lost the understanding of what this means? by Lynda Goetz Free speech is generally understood to be fundamental in a democracy. It has been enshrined in international and regional human rights law, although it has a long history which predates such legislation. Most would probably consider ancient… Continue reading Issue 51: Freedom of Speech (Lynda Goetz)

Issue 36: 2016 01 14:Week in Brief INTERNATIONAL

14 January 2016 Week in Brief: INTERNATIONAL AFGHANISTAN: Afghan forces in Sangin are still under siege by the Taliban. Reinforcements have not succeeded in breaking through to them. Fierce fighting is also taking place in Marjah district. The other twelve of Helmand province’s fourteen districts are already under Taliban control. The Afghan airforce struck against… Continue reading Issue 36: 2016 01 14:Week in Brief INTERNATIONAL

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