Issue 149: 2018 04 12: The Mikado

Philip Lee as Ko Ko

12 April 2018

The Mikado

at The King’s Head, Islington.

Reviewed by John Watson


Philip Lee as Ko Ko

The Mikado is always fun, but the current production at the Kings Head Theatre, Islington, absolutely sparkles.  Gilbert and Sullivan works well in a small theatre, the replacement of an orchestra by a piano being more than compensated for by the ease with which you can pick out Gilbert’s lyrics.  This production by Charles Court Opera makes good use of the space with a highly imaginative set.

But in the end it is the singing which counts and director John Savournin has a wealth of talent at his disposal.  Philip Lee puts up a memorable performance as Ko-Ko, achieving just the right blend of humour and musical excellence, but other members of the cast are not far behind him.  Stephen Godward’s Pooh-Bah provides the anchor to the production while Mathew Siveter injects genuine pathos into the role of Katisha.  Other members of the cast deserve praise too but it would be tedious to list the universally excellent performances so instead we will offer advice.  Go and see it.  The production runs to 21 April and you really should not miss it.


The Mikado at the King’s Head runs to 21 April


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