Issue 136:2018 01 11:Quiz

Thumbnail crossword Boffles Sweats it out

11 January 2018


By Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon

Do you know?


  1. What was the original name of the Beatles?


  1. Why is a Molotov cocktail so called?


  1. Who wrote in a letter to Walt Whitman in 1889 on the occasion of his 70th birthday: ‘You have seen the monarchy banished from France, & reduced in England to a machine which makes an imposing show of diligence & attention to business, but isn’t connected with the works.’ ?


  1. Why was Manaus on the upper Amazon a boom town in the late 19th century?


  1. Who was the first European to travel down the whole length of the Amazon?



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