Issue 308: 2022 01 20: North Shropshire

20 January 2022

Letter to the Editors

In response to Richard Pooley’s letter in issue 307 regarding the North Shropshire by-election

from J.R.Thomas

Dear Sirs

It is always nice to be closely read and careful notes taken;  but as to descriptions of politicians, Mr Shastri-Hurst described himself variously as ex army, a medic, and as a barrister, so I was trying to follow his lead; he is not the first Tory to have a lot of jobs and a little confusion.   

But I certainly must apologise to Sir Ed, my normally “reliable sources” said he had not been in North Shropshire.  Oh dear.  The sad thing though is nobody seemed to have noticed him being there.  

But as to Sir Ed’s LibDem candidate.  When she began her campaign she was noted locally as an energetic local LibDem, but alas did not greatly impress on the stump as a campaigner and speaker, albeit good at rushing about, so that seemed something readers should know.  In spite of that she won, mainly I think through not being a Conservative.  

Yours etc


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