Issue 192: 2019 03 07: Letter to the Editors

7 March 2019

Letter to the Editor

True Diversity?

From Anthony Silver



Lynda Goetz elegantly sums up the diversity vs meritocracy argument in the last 2 sentences of her article (“Discrimination”:Issue 191)  it seems that ‘…. you can’t have one without [diluting] the other..’, and, therein lies the dilemma.

As diversity is often mentioned when looking at sectional parts of society, her article does raise a tangential but interesting point with respect to the Police; by just measuring  the number of minorities represented within the service, is the focus set too narrow?  True the Police represents the front line in law enforcement; however the legal system represents the other equally important side of the same coin. So should we not measure minority representation  across the whole of law enforcement to get to a more  representative view on diversity?

Another factor to take into account is that while state sponsored social engineering is important, culture also has an important role in determining sectional diversity –  that is the minority member’s culture (some of whom do have a laager/kraal mentality deeply ingrained).

Minority assimilation is essential for a healthy and vibrant society, but maybe only when it is encouraged and not forced.


Anthony Silver

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