Issue 189: 2019 02 14: Letter to the Editors

14 February 2019

Letter to the Editors

Non-disclosure Agreements

from Anthony Silver


Dear Sir

If Sir Philip Green wants to pinch my cheeks, wrap his arm around my waist and make mildly offensive statements about my weight/attire/ethnicity and then pay me thousands of times the amount I would be normally eligible for in an Industrial Tribunal case, then he can be my (paying) guest.  I would of course keep to my side of the NDA, having been financially  recompensed well above the going rate as,  after all, a contract – is a contract.

For the Daily Telegraph to spend hundreds of thousands on bringing to its readership, what is essentially nothing more than mildly salacious tittle-tattle, seems out of kilter.


Yours sincerely


Anthony Silver

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