Issue 181: 2018 12 06: Letter to the Editors

06 December 2018

Letter to the Editors

Police Tactics

Dear Sir

I read with interest Jack Wippell’s column on police tactics, and for the most part it is hard to disagree with the objective points that he makes.  The trouble when discussing the police is that from an individual viewpoint it is hard to be objective.

In the forty years since gaining the age of majority I have had maybe half a dozen contacts with the police, and none of them have been anything other than infuriating, due mostly to the boorishness of the officers concerned (and no – none of them have been for driving).  This behaviour appears to be typical if the ‘reality cop shows’ like BodyCam Cops, are to be believed; their airing can only further erode any remaining respect the public may have for the Police.


Anthony Silver

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