Issue 205: 2019 06 06: Letter to the Editors

06 June 2019

Letter to the Editor

Labour ‘s Paranoia

from Anthony Silver


Dear Sir,

In his parody of the end of May’s resignation honours list your diarist Corbynista has a kvetch at Louise Ellman for ‘criticising the leadership of her party’ presumably in her role as President of the Jewish Labour Movement.

In his last paragraph, he moans that the big news for the BBC and Tory Press  (which I think includes all the mass market press except for the Mirror) is anti-semitism in the Labour party.

Is this the onset of paranoia? Does he believe that Labour is being unfairly persecuted? And if so, by whom?

True to form, your Corbinista continues to ignore the fact that Labour has lost credibility by squandering numerous opportunities to clean its stables of bigots, by hiding behind its bureaucracy and ‘due process’.   Yet,  when a party member exercises his right to free speech and declares he has voted LibDem,  that same bureaucracy reacts within 24 hours.  A point that has been noted by many including your self.


Your sincerely,

Anthony Silver


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