Issue 198: 2019 04 18: Letter to the Editors

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18 April 2019

Letter to the Editors


from Watson Low

15 April 2019

Dear Sir

I thought John Watson’s article in Issue 197 was a terrific analysis of Brexit.  In general I agreed but was not keen on Corbyn being tarred with the same brush as May in terms of culpability.  There are many agendas in play but it is worth considering that Corbyn has played a straight bat since the September conference – soft Brexit and if that is not possible, a second referendum.  Now my hope is that the May/Corbyn talks end in a joint declaration that a referendum is all that is left.  Unlikely while May clings to her Brexit mission as if she had received it on Mount Sinai.  She has said that the next step if the talks falter is to define options for indicative votes but if you listen carefully she is excluding the referendum option at this stage.

Best Regards

Watson Low

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