Issue 262: 2021 01 14: Cover page

Cover Page, 14 January 2021, Issue 262

Welcome to our latest edition.  This week we lead with comments on Trump and the Washington riot.  We also consider the EU’s response to two of the week’s most egregious human rights abuses, Covid-19 in Japan, the UK’s latest Covid-19 statistics, the difference and conflict between ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘freedom of speech’, investing in 2021, the state of Britannia, Corbynista’s week, and more.



A blown departure
Chasing the Trumpkins
The free world needs you!
Doing better
Covid-19 Statistics
What is free speech?
Binary Outcomes
Nurses still going nowhere
White House Corbynista?
Revealed & explained (2)
A Visual Perspective
No 262



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