Issue 260: 2020 12 17: Cover page

Cover Page, 17 December 2020, Issue 260

Welcome to our latest edition.  This week we consider the problems of a one-off wealth tax, the decline of public manners, a review of our reports on Covid-19 statistics, rising tension between townies and the countryside in France, the investment potential of Bitcoin, a Corbynista’s week, and more.

The Shaw Sheet is now taking a seasonal break; the next issue will appear on January 7th.  We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



The Lessons Learned
Roads to a better system
Still not convinced
Words from the wise
Not a museum
Sunlit Uplands Beckon
A Christmas story
Brexit ahoy, Trump overboard!
No 260
A Visual Perspective
The selected Boffles



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