Issue 155: 2018 05 24: Cover page

Cover Image for Issue 155 Getting Privacy GDPR cartoon by Aggro as the basis

Cover Page, 24 May 2018, Issue 155

Welcome to our new issue.  The New Europe-wide GDPR regulations requirements come into force on the 25th of May.  If you have opted in to receive an email upon publication of each issue, the Shaw Sheet only stores enough information to authenticate your email address.  This is the only personal information that is kept and it is encrypted to minimise the risk of theft.  You can check which types of data the Shaw Sheet may be keeping, by clicking Register.  The Register form can also be used to change your email address or to stop the emails altogether (and, of course, to register, if you haven’t already done so!).  A similar link is in the footer of every email notification.



A Focus on the News
The Great Game and Iran
Taiwan and Beijing
Are the mandarins competent?
General Data Protection Regulation
of the Apprentice
Snap Election Rumblings
Inevitable not excellent
The National Gallery
Seeing the news
Language Skills
What will be in the news



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