Issue 242: 2020 07 16: Diary of a Corbynista

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16 July 2020

Diary of a Corbynista

Masking the Problems

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart9 July

Surely one of the most erotic movie scenes is the virginal Fay Wray pegged out for the delectation of King Kong.

Alok Sharma could not look less like Fay and Robert Peston has only a passing resemblance to Kong but there were parallels as the squirming Business Secretary attempted to explain Rishi Sunak’s latest gimmicks to an interlocutor who looked as bemused as the iconic ape.

10 July

All diarists must have days when they have little or nothing to say.  My little today is that the Labour Party is so disappointing.  The local people are trying to get the members enthused but I just feel so betrayed by the apparatchiks who got rid of Corbyn.  Everywhere I look I see these people thinking their day has come.  Front Bench, talking heads with Coburn, Peston, Bruce and Mason.  We need much better to deal with the bunch playing games with the levers of power.

11 July

Will the second spike wait for winter?  Around the world the Covid-19 cases are increasing.  As a species we are being defeated.  On our islands we are allowing people to join us from all round the world so we will increasingly be part of this.  Johnson and his acolytes are lying about this now and will continue to do so as we become accustomed to Covid-19 as just one of those things that might kill you like cancer or heart trouble.  And it appears that the majority of people will vote for that.  500,000 swarmed the suicide beaches of Dorset 2 weeks ago.  A similar number of Brits will soon be adorning the beaches of Europe.

Is it too late to escape to Scotland?

12 July

Every morning my wife gives me a capsule to put under my tongue.  I watched Sophy Ridge and Andrew Marr including shadow ministers with dead eyes and vacuous utterances.

Is it the coward’s way out to bite the capsule and end it all?

Not really – it was a multivitamins tablet so I soldier on.

13 July

For many weeks anyone with half a brain has been wearing a face mask in interiors.  Now Mr Johnson has started appearing in a mask and thinks we ought to announce something soon.  This is big news all over the media.  It takes your mind of the human misery brought on us by the incompetence of the people we voted to lead us.

14 July

The EHRC report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is now with the party for review.  I think it will contain a lot of assertion by people with a vested interest, but very little in the way of evidence.

The EHRC did its job before the election by making it appear that they would find the Labour Party to be institutionally anti-Semitic.  My contention then and now is that if it could have harmed Corbyn’s chances they would have published the report before the General Election.

15 July

In 2012 I attended as many Olympic events as I could get tickets for.  One day between events I visited the gift shop and was struck by some Chinese lads examining the trinkets and laughing.

Yesterday Oliver Dowden stood up in the House and told us the facts had changed and we must now stop doing business with Huawei having discovered that the firm could be a tool of the Chinese government.

Instead of relying on Huawei for 5G we will use Ericsson and Nokia although these firms rely on Chinese components.

I am not knowledgeable enough to analyse any of this from an economic, political or telecommunications standpoint but I am confident in asserting that the United Kingdom is now a backwater totally at the mercy of the tides generated by the superpowers.

We don’t even make our own junk.  The Chinese lads were amused by the labels under the plastic Big Bens telling them they were Made in China.


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