Issue 227: 2019 12 12: Diary of a Corbynista

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12 December 2019

Diary of a Corbynista

Democracy at the Brink

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart5 December

As one might have predicted the black propaganda from the Tories has increased dramatically.  I include in this the redacted submission of the Jewish Labour Movement to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission which has been dignified joyfully as fact by the billionaire press and the craven broadcast media.

6 December

At least one journalist, Ell Smith of The Guardian is predicting a late swing:

Labour has made significant gains in the polls over the past few weeks – and, as in 2017, a “youthquake” seems likely.

Tonight’s confrontation between Johnson and Corbyn has been moved by the BBC from Southampton to Maidstone to secure a sympathetic audience for the Prime Minister.  I suspect this will also mean rigorous screening of audience members.

7 December

Alexandra Hall has resigned as our senior Brexit envoy in the US saying she can no longer peddle half-truths on behalf of political leaders she does not trust.

What is the likelihood of this being given any prominence on the BBC?  Will Ms Hall be on R4Today, Politics Live or Newsnight?

8 December

Labour supporters throw their hands up at the well-funded black propaganda campaign now being accelerated by the Conservative Party.  Many will be taken in by it, but also many will ask themselves whether this is democracy given that we are experiencing an election where the media are in the pockets of a corrupt government.

9 December

Boris Johnson mishandled an ITV interview, where he tried to avoid looking at the image of a 4 year old with pneumonia having to sleep on a hospital floor.  On Newsnight Emily Maitlis harangued Barry Gardiner because Jeremy Corbyn had failed to undertake hospital photo opportunities.

10 December

If the Conservatives obtain an overall majority it will be a triumph for Dominic Cummins’ approach to politics whose cornerstone is insulting the intelligence of the electorate.  Watching government ministers lie through their teeth time and again without effective reprimand has me fearing for democracy.

It will be a triumph for the billionaires over the people and another 5 years of having to put up with Sir Alan Sugar.

11 December

According to The Guardian, the Noro virus is back.

I have been out 9 times canvassing and leafleting.  Tomorrow I will do what I can to get the faithful to the polling booths.

At just after 10 pm the exit poll summary said “HUNG PARLIAMENT”. 

That was my diary entry for June 9th 2017.  Let’s hope the 13th December entry says something similar.

If not, although the Noro virus has not yet reached Chipping Barnet, my sick bucket will be getting a good workout.







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