Issue 226: 2019 12 05: Diary of a Corbynista

5 December 2019

Diary of a Corbynista

Hoping for a Late Swing

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart28 November

The billionaire press and media are deceiving the population.

I am indebted to Twitter’s StrongerStabler for this item.

On LBC, Boris Johnson was struggling to justify his lack of a social care plan. Forgetting he was on film, Johnson hand-signalled to Nick Ferrari to change the subject… Ferrari complied immediately.

29 November

Having turned up at Channel 4 to tell executives off for disrespecting his lad, the ubiquitous Stanley Johnson turns up on Victoria Derbyshire to insult the intelligence of the population, demonstrating spectacular disdain for the proles.

How dare this illiterate rabble call his son a liar?

30 November

If you vote Conservative on December 12th here are the consequences:

Reductions in living standards caused by the UK leaving the European Union on 31st December 2020 without a trade deal.

Scotland will leave the United Kingdom.

The Good Friday agreement will be rendered inoperable.  Bad people will exploit this for their criminal protection rackets.  Decent people will initiate a border poll and decide they would rather be Irish than part of a corrupt Britain.

The Welsh will follow suit as they react against English nationalism.

Our “precious NHS” will be sold off and we will only obtain medical services if our insurance is good.

The monopoly utility companies will hold the population to ransom even more than now, so water, electricity, gas, rail, bus, mail and schools will end up being owned by asset strippers, thriving on light touch regulation.

The rich will get a lot richer and the poor a lot poorer.

There will be riots and guerrilla action when people realise the extent of their betrayal.

The rich will live in gated communities.

There will be private police forces to preserve the property of the rich and the schools their children attend.

Newspapers and broadcasters will report only the government line or be closed down.

Vulnerable people will die in ever increasing numbers for want of decent housing, heating and social care.

Educational standards will decline as class sizes increase, subjects are cut and teachers leave the profession in their thousands.

That will do for now.

1 December

If you vote Conservative on December 12th here are more consequences:

Prison riots will increase as staffing decreases and buildings decay.  Ever more dangerous criminals will be released too early to move the prison overcrowding problems to the streets.

Potential murderers and rapists will be tipped out onto the street without a decent probation service or police numbers to monitor them

That will do for now.

2 December

If there is a canvassing skill that enables you to change minds on the doorstep I do not possess it.  If Tory voters want to talk it is to tell me what is wrong with my party leader.  I haven’t come across any self-identified LibDems although their piles of leaflets tell local residents they are doing well.  Today I had a lady who was quite pleasant until I informed her that her vote for the Greens would be wasted. Then she informed me that if she hears that once more the speaker will get a thick ear.  Such is democracy.

3 December

According to the pundits things are getting desperate.  Johnson has a runaway lead.  I am not disheartened – convinced there will be a late swing.  If you doubt, take a look at this.

Late Swing

4 December

After the London Bridge murders, it was revealed that the perpetrator Usman Khan was a convicted terrorist who had been released early and, as it transpired, without adequate supervision.  The Home Office reported that there were another 74 convicted terrorists who are currently among us.

Last night’s Newsnight revealed that this is the tiny tip of a massive iceberg.  They had used Freedom of Information requests to establish that there were nearly 100,000 suspected violent criminals on our streets who had been “released without restriction”.  The programme highlighted a case where the police had given one of these people the keys to his estranged wife’s home thus enabling him to go round and murder her.

However you dress it up this is yet another case of inadequate police and legal resources – doing it on the cheap.





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