Issue 189: 2019 02 14: Diary of a Corbynista

14 February 2019

Diary of a Corbynista

Still Playing Chicken

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart7 February

Yesterday’s Metro contained an article about increases in offences involving anti-Semitism.  On no grounds whatsoever they managed to turn it into a Labour Party issue with an image of the party leader smack bang in the middle.

8 February

Ipsos-MORI reports that Labour and the Tories are neck and neck but that Corbyn’s personal ratings have dropped like a stone. The Evening Standard salutes the latter joyously.  Please let Theresa May take this seriously and decide the time is ripe for her to increase her majority.

9 February

Corbyn’s Labour Party has not yet achieved the wished for Nirvana.  The Wavertree constituency in Liverpool is represented by Luciana Berger.  Members of the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) scheduled a Vote of No Confidence (VONC) in Ms Berger and came under fire from many quarters. The most prominent critic was the Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, who called on the NEC to suspend Wavertree CLP which has 1700 members.  So now the battle lines are drawn between the advocates of grass roots democracy and those who find it inconvenient.

10 February

Sophy Ridge interviewed Tony Blair on Sky. He achieved a notable first by adding to the Hezbollah, Hamas, IRA, Venezuela, anti-Semitism narratives, a smear of his very own which has the Labour Party now infiltrated by Islamists.

He is in good company.  The Mail on Sunday has 20 pages of Corbyn character assassination including the damning revelation that he prefers Tesco Baked Beans to the Heinz version.

11 February

There are many things you can be prejudiced against.  Here are a few : Jews, Protestants, Catholics, the Irish,  black people, immigrants, benefits scroungers, Muslims, Hindus, foreigners in General, women, the rich, the poor, Tories, Socialists, football teams, estate agents, hooray henries, oiks, public schoolboys, Sloane Rangers.  I’m sure I have missed more than I have listed.  Politicians are adept at focussing people’s frustration on one or more of these groups rather than on their own failings.   Jeremy Corbyn is not one of these people and those making a career of attempting to smear him as Anti-Semitic should be examined as to their motivation.

Tom Watson’s attempt to have the Wavertree Labour Party suspended from the main party and the monsoon of black propaganda heaped on the local people for seeking a Vote of No Confidence in the MP demonstrates the power of lobbyists to manipulate senior politicians and undermine democracy.

12 February

Dear Messrs Barnier, Tusk and Juncker

In 45 days the UK is due to leave the European Union.  Many people on these islands and indeed on the Continent think the consequences of leaving without a deal would be catastrophic.  The plan of our Government is to extract concessions from you so that the UK can conclude a “deal” with you and thus avoid catastrophe.  It is a game of “chicken” where our Government thinks you will blink first.

No Deal Brexit can be deferred if our Government requests it and all of the 27 other countries agree.  Would you kindly let me know the latest date when we could request a delay in order for the various agreements to be obtained in time for the No Deal Brexit to be avoided?

Best Regards


13 February

This, hot off the press from my friend Brian King:

I have just received the transcript from a conversation between Donald (not Mr. U) and Jean-Claude. Please see below.

Donald Tusk: Morning Jean-Claude, how are the Brexit negotiations?

Jean-Claude Juncker: Don, may I call you Don? The negotiations couldn’t be better.

DT: Why is that?

J-CJ: Well everybody knows that we had two optional goals for the Brexit process. Either we ensure the deal to the UK is so bad that no other EU members would want to leave or we force the UK to rethink and order another referendum. 

Additionally, the worst outcome for us would be “no deal”. The car workers in Bavaria would be up in arms as would the French farmers and the Irish economy would collapse.

DT: Yes, I understand that.

J-CJ: Well, Michel Barnier has produced a deal that is so bad that, as we anticipated, the UK parliament overwhelmingly voted to reject it.

Mrs. May then went back to parliament and asked them if they would accept the deal if the Northern Ireland backstop were amended or removed and they voted in favour of that. Mrs May said she will then come to us and ask for the change to the agreement.

DT: Why is that good for us?

J-CJ: Well Don, they also voted, albeit in a non-binding way, that Parliament wanted “no deal” taken off the table.

DT: And that is good because?

J-CJ: When Mrs May come to us and ask us to change the backstop, we tell her “No way Jose!” She then returns to Parliament with nothing new to offer. The Remainers and Jeremy Corbyn will then have a vote that will be binding, to remove “no deal” from the table.

DT: How does that help our cause?

J-CJ: Well Don, its checkmate! Happy days! We are now in a win-win situation.

DT: How so?

J-JC: With “no deal” not an option, the UK will have to accept any deal we decide to give them and if they accept it, it will be so bad that it will not only deter other EU members from wanting to leave but they will pay us THIRTY NINE THOUSAND MILLION English Pounds for the privilege.

If they do not accept the deal we offer, they will be forced into another referendum! As I said win-win! Hope this clarifies the state of play for you Don?

DT: Wunderbar!  Merveilleux!




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