Issue 301: 2021 11 18: Diary of a Corbynista

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18 November 2021

Diary of a Corbynista

Britain not Corrupt Apparently

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart

11 November

Message Board responses to Corbynista in Shaw Sheet 300:


These days, do most people enter politics to serve their country? My answer is, I do not think so.

 IMHO, the voters are now inured to this. It is the only explanation for why the Tories may have dropped slightly in the polls but nowhere near where they should have dropped.

 Systemic corruption appears to be the new status quo, and the voters seem to accept it.

Goodbye Boy:

I’ve read in a couple of places that it’s overwhelmingly Tories earning money outside their employment as a Member of Parliament. E.g.

12 November

ITV News has a report from Whiston Hospital on Merseyside.  Its problems are typical of hospitals throughout the country.  Waiting times for A&E and operations are at their highest since records began.  11 years of Conservative government is the cause however they try to dress it up.

13 November

We were out to the shops early to beat the rush.  On our return my wife became hysterical.  She had forgotten the suet she would need to make Christmas puddings.

Are you sure you haven’t some suet in the cupboard?

Much rummaging.

Ah yes! Two packets – and they’re in date.

See you saved us a lot of money by looking in the cupboard.

I always look in the cupboard before I buy things.

I would be more critical of my wife were it not that selective memory is a key qualification for the highest offices in the land.

In this example Sir Keir Starmer forgets that it was Jeremy Corbyn who vetoed his second job with a law firm while he was a member of the shadow cabinet.

14 November

The tragedy of COP 26 is that its presidency was entrusted to a country whose leader and government are held in contempt by the rest of the world.

Here an article by Steerpike in The Spectator.

Is Piers Corbyn still Boris Johnson’s climate guru?

It links to a clip of Baroness Jenny Jones questioning the mayor in 2013.  Her conclusion then:

You’re giving me a headache. Mr Mayor this is garbage. You must understand that the overwhelming scientific consensus is that climate change is happening. 

15 November

The Prime Minister and Mr Sharma were quick to come out and blame the Indians and Chinese for the weakening of the COP 26 agreement relating to coal.

It is never Mr Johnson’s fault.

Here an NPR article relating to the new coal mine planned in Cumbria:

The U.K. considers its 1st new coal mine in decades even as it calls to phase out coal

When the BBC confronted Johnson about the mine on Monday, the prime minister said: “I’m not in favour of more coal, but it’s not a decision for me, it’s a decision for local planning authorities.”

That’s not true. Officials in Cumbria, a county in the northwest of England, overwhelmingly approved the mine last year, but the British government set up an inquiry amid outrage from environmentalists. British officials are expected to make a final decision next year.

16 November

Former Yorkshire cricketer Azeem Raziq appeared before a Commons Select Committee to describe his experiences of racism in the game.  It seems that many of the instances drew on a groupthink unconscious racism.  Probably much of it was not meant unkindly.  People were conditioned to think it was OK to call people “Paki” and similar.

Much of this conditioning is at the door of our media.

Take the case of Emad Al Swealmeen, the late suspected bomber in Liverpool.

In BBC News, the third sentence tells us:

It is understood the 32-year-old suspect was an asylum seeker who converted to Christianity in 2017.

So are all asylum seekers non-Christian?

17 November

Ambulances queuing at A&E, rents going up, prices going up, a new pandemic wave imminent.

Meanwhile our elected representatives are pointing fingers at each other for being on the take.

Not under discussion is the fact that the government is bought and paid for by donors in search of contracts and peerages.

At COP26 the Prime Minister announces to 190 countries that Britain is not corrupt.

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