Issue 257: 2020 11 26: Diary of a Corbynista

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26 November 2020

Diary of a Corbynista

Starmer Drama.

By Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart19 November

In Labour List Sienna Rodgers highlights the need for the Party to implement the EHRC recommendation for an independent disciplinary procedure.  The elephant in the room is the vagueness of the Party’s rules.  For example if you ask whether it is an infringement to criticise the actions of the Israeli government you will not achieve a consensus that satisfies all party members or all members of the NEC or all members of parliament or all people in the Shadow Cabinet.

20 November

On the BBC Corbyn supporters are hard to find.  Question Time and Any Questions had nobody on the panels with a good word for him.  Have I Got News for You joined in.  It seems that it is a safer option to describe the EHRC report as decisive and to blame Corbyn for all of the shortcomings it highlighted.

Meanwhile Tribune the mainstream Labour magazine deals in fact. Ronan Burtenshaw highlights the carnage Starmer’s approach is wreaking in the Constituency Labour Parties and Trade Unions:

Labour’s Members Are in Revolt Against Keir Starmer

21 November

Active Message Board in response to Corbynista Shaw Sheet 256 and much else:

Smoothie: Nice one Corbynista, being as I missed out on setting up a PPE company to sell kit to the government I am thinking of setting up some sort of green company to sell green stuff to the government, if anyone’s got any ideas it looks like there should be a million or two in that over the next few years.

Paddy: Hi Smoothie… I can sell you some grass. That will be £21m please.

Walsall: Can I be the intermediary? That will be another £21million.

Greek Chick: Jezza didn’t get in but the Tories are implementing his ideas…. Furlough is universal basic income, new Green deal. He also wanted Brexit… did he lose or is at all a mirage?

Sunlounger: I thought Jezza didn’t want Brexit because he said he voted remain but then he wanted Brexit and then he wanted another 6 months to do a jobs first deal with the EU the results of which would be put to a vote in another referendum which if rejected meant that Brexit would be closed down and the UK would remain in the EU. At least I think that’s what he wanted.

Greek Chick: He wanted Brexit to avoid the neo liberal bans on public ownership and to stop the type of sell offs to big business typified by the avoidance of GREXIT. Greece would have been much better off without the Troika….
Jezza should have stuck to his guns but the PLP did not, hence the hokey cokey. The red wall wanted Brexit.  When I knocked on doors last year it was ‘Brexit…. Just Get It Done’ to the tune of the national anthem, in Norwich North. They did not reject the workers’ rights, NHS and public transport green deal policies.
Lovely man….new petition to Keir this week, give Jezza back the whip.

Sunlounger: Jezza said he voted remain in more than one interview.
The red wall got its wish and Brexit is almost done. Not quite oven-ready but regardless of what comes out of the oven; it will be ready for consumption on 1/1/2021. I have a feeling it won’t be fish. Luckily for the UK government, COVID appeared earlier this year to perform the role of scapegoat just in case Brexit does not create its promised fantasy Albion.  The Jezza / Starmer bun fight is yet another miracle for the Tories. Red wall defections from Labour, COVID and the Jezza / Starmer bun fight should keep the Tories in power for many years to come. I’d put my money on Sunak to replace Johnson in Q2 or Q3 2021.
Greece cooked its books in order to join the Euro and then blamed the EU for the consequences of its own misrepresentation.

Brahmin: You’re right, Greek Chick, Jezza’s a lovely man.  Once he gets the whip back, he should challenge Keir for the leadership.  Back in the top job and with post-Covid economy spluttering along, he’s got all the right ideas for how to extract the maximum feathers from the wealth-creating goose.  Plus we can have Hamas over for tea and hamantaschen.  I look forward to it.

Flyboy: Doesn’t Greece have Goldman Sachs to thank for the creative accounting that got them into the Euro?

Sunlounger: Whatever, leave voters blame the Greek problem on the EU.

Villaboy: What is the Greek “problem”?
What could be wrong with a country that’s given us such cultural enrichment as: Demis Rousoss, Nana Mouskouri, half of Wham, Prince Philip, a Harry Enfield character (Stavros), guy from the Simpsons (Homer), Euroclear terminal (Euclid), kebabs and Ouzo….
What more could you want?

Smoothie: And I loved John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in the film

Walsall:  Chips fried in its Northern cousin, dripping, are the best.

Sunlounger: Ah dripping. The northern coiffeur’s Brylcreem substitute.

Flyboy: On a separate note, if you have ‘bully tactics’ as part of your management skill set then expect a call from Boris when he is looking to reshuffle his cabinet.
Beyond belief.

Walsall: I am incandescent. Not only that but also previous with treason on the CV Patel is a disgrace and Johnson is worse for condoning it.
How can someone be accidentally or inadvertently a bully?

AI Guru: So the latest Guardian campaign is in support of claims of victimhood from disgruntled senior civil servants nearing retirement. I guess the rest of the UK is in better shape than I thought…

22 November

Martin Forde QC is preparing a report on the Labour Party infighting before the 2017 and 2019 elections.  The Labour Party’s own report appears to show that many people in senior positions were working for a Labour defeat and weaponising anti-Semitism to achieve this.

The Guardian chooses to focus on the threat to Keir Starmer that this poses.

More relevant to Labour Party members is to discover why the Party employed lawyers to withhold the Labour Party’s own report from the EHRC inquiry into anti-Semitism.

23 November

I expect that relatively few people will share my opinion that Jeremy Corbyn was sabotaged by powerful people in his own party first and foremost.  They were of course cheered on by gleeful Tories and the mainstream media.  One of the people who agree with me is Howard Beckett, a member of the party’s National Executive Committee, and he puts the case with much more cogency and eloquence than I can muster.

Howard Beckett supports Corbyn

24 November

I have just dug out and perused again the document titled:

The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to anti-Semitism, 2014 – 2019.

Martin Forde and his panel (the Forde Inquiry) are due to report by the end of the year.  The Terms of Reference are documented here:

Forde Inquiry

Anyone reading the document is bound to conclude that there was a conspiracy by senior Party officials and politicians aiming to sabotage Labour’s election chances.


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