Boris at COP27

2 November 2022

Letter to the Editor

from Mr Kirk Bride

Dear Sirs

Wow, what an astonishing thing. Boris of all people has got his ticket for COP27. Does the man ever.let up? Is his ego so great that he cannot resist any opportunity to get into the limelight? Surely he has learned that he could not organise a piss up in a brewery and will be content to sit on the sidelines for a bit. But no. There he is again looking for the loose ball at the back of the scrum. Looking for the path to fame and glory.

And yet what talents are needed in the next step in the fight against climate change. Scientific expertise? No, there are already experts writing the scientific analysis. Organisational ability? Not really. Organisation will be at state level. No what is needed is to sell the project both to governments around the world and to the global public too. To do that you have to be persuasive, charming, amusing, quick on your feet and perhaps sometimes a little casual with the truth. Why on earth should Boris think that he can contribute here?

Oh, for heaven’s sake, Charles, give the man a peerage and let him put his shoulder to the wheel. 

Yours faithfully

Kirk Bride

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