Issue 348: Crossword No.348 – printable

24 November 2022

Crossword by Boffles



    1  Sensible MP abandoned by Scotsman (7)

    5  Plain city with a bad reputation (5)

    8  Greasy pole only so with difficulty (9)

    9  Sort of palace that can be drunk in on land or afloat (3)

  10  Uncomplaining follower of philosophical creed (5)

  12  Linked radio stations make contacts (7)

  13  Corpulent manager of rail 12ac can be read about (3,10)

  15  Where the Americans really had to fight to raise the flag (3,4)

  17  Repentance has no right to get this bird (5)

  19  Short term educational establishment (3)

  20  Footwear for those who change their mind? (4-5)

  22  Hot to trot – agree? (5)

  23  US military men join French girl in romantic dance work (7)


    1  Steps duellers take to prepare (5)

    2  Lie about garland (3)

    3  Chewing it can make you want to spit (7)

    4  Woodworking skill PMs have to learn? (13)

    5  What Goldilocks did in Baby Bear’s bed (5)

    6  Follow, then seize something around cleric’s neck (3,6)

    7  Name sounds suitable for a girl (7)

  11  Beating with cunning while hunting? (9)

  13  Lack of success women cannot forgive according to Chekov (7)

  14  Describes a member of our exclusive set (3,2,2)

  16  Conclude famous Italian poem has no end (5)

  18  Sort of judgement foodies have? (5)

  21  The banana variety lacks sincerity (3)

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