Issue 347: Crossword No.347 – printable

17 November 2022

Crossword by Boffles



    1  Meet online animal keeper without article (4)

    3  Class-distinctive headgear (5,3)

    8  An inactive volcano is not necessarily this (7)

  10  Effeminate Mitford? (5)

  11  Productive information sometimes learnt out of school (5,2,4)

  13  US nickname for scurvy Brits (6)

  15  Something on top key to bankers (1,5)

  17  What to swing from when the party hots up (11)

  20  Keep out of sight – king in a bad mood (5)

  21  It must be true if beyond this (7)

  22  Deli-cious on rye in New York (8)

  23  Fool revealed when material lacks heat (4)


    1  Impresario known for his follies (8)

    2  Nerve needed to see behind the bar? (5)

    4  What you do with fireworks or steam (3,3)

    5  Served at Wimbledon dances? (6,5)

    6  Sack youth for carrying drink (7)

    7  How employees satisfy the taxman (4)

    9  Person who leaves their car to pry? (5,6)

  12  Kind of easiest, in my view (2,1,3,2)

  14  Models laugh at opposite of downs (7)

  16  Sort of consensus that results in agreement (2,4)

  18 It has been declared that we are all created so (5)

  19 Answer should be got PDQ (4)

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