Issue 346: Crossword No.346 – printable

10 November 2022

Crossword printable

No 346

by Boffles


    1  Motherly girl? (6)

    4  Very successful film involving short cruise (3,3)

    9  What a picture! – a London area requiring a passport (7)

  10  Old way of describing the meek (5)

  11  Where 12ac was lost (2,3)

  12  Colossal box office hit (7)

  13  One type goes to the office, another loiters on street corners (7,4)

  18  Poor potato dish for a dishonest man (7)

  20  You submit when you do this (5)

  22  English ground found in the Masai Mara (5)

  23 ‘Don’t interfere’ as the Beatles advised (3,2,2)

  24 Older woman’s playmate (3,3)

  25 Island evergreen, we hear (6)


    1  Fred and Ginger classic titfer (3,3)

    2  No surprise to find parliamentarians part of such jolly games (5)

    3  Winter sports wear favoured by shy robbers (3,4)

    5 Go round a heavenly body (5)

    6 We tend to think the other side’s grass is (7)

    7 Attention an employee does not want to receive (6)

    8  Carnival location (7,4)

  14  Interestingly, the Threadneedle St one is said to be independent (3,4)

  15  ‘Her face, at first just ……….. Turned a whiter shade of pale’ Procul Harum (7)

  16  Such friends often toasted (6)

  17  Sparklers such as Cornelia had (6)

  19  Recorded sound, Latin I hear (5)

  21 Bury among inert (5)

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