Issue 345: Crossword No.345 – printable

3 November 2022

Crossword by Boffles



    1 Most liked but lacking our IT (4)

    3 Noted dollars – ten of them (8)

    9 Working together can be good or bad depending on with whom (13)

  10 So amazing it leaves one gasping for air? (12)

  12 What you need to be to access the internet (6)

  14 Kind of mecca for pilgrims (6)

  16 Class may be a factor in introducing this chum (12)

  19 Get to one’s feet to think be logical (5,2,6)

  20 See price for currency now (4,4)

  21 Insult how drunks speak (4)



    1 12ac platform created at US school (8)

    2 Worth you being in part of Glamorgan (5)

    4 Embraces another’s child (6)

    5 Out-dated comms equipment found in hedgerows (12)

    6 Life force against Italian wine (7)

    7 Sounds like something in kitchen but in it things move together (4)

    8 Playing schedule kicking off with openers (7,5)

  11 The first one presumably Adam (8)

  13 Kinda lucky gangster (7)

  15 Strike call for total commitment? (3,3)

  17 Frame artists lease? (5)

  18 Questions jobs with no beginning (4)


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