Issue 336: Crossword No.336 – printable

1 September 2022

Crossword by Boffles



    7  World problem little help with heating bills (6,7)

    8  Childish but three-quarters developed (8)

    9  What sailors do to avoid hitting one? (4)

  10  Lady’s personal space to which only the chosen are admitted (7)

  12  Service with one improves customer experience, allegedly (5)

  14  Sturdy porter (5)

  16  Macbeth obviously not a Greek one (7)

  19  Festive season product of exams muddled without English (4)

  20  Southern Africa metropolis (4,4)

  22  Is it charity to give this charlie bags of cash? (6,2,5)


    1  Bad housing result of endless depression (4)

    2  A company’s directors on a ship (6)

    3  Praise incorporates praise in mine (7)

    4  And French follows male picnic painter (5)

    5  Morning tot  in Scotland gives short unprofessional performance (2,4)

    6  Revealed state of European women (8)

  11  Get the better of someone, fashionwise? (8)

  13  Place to leave stuff and fall asleep (4,3)

  15  Such a hero is not celebrated, musically or otherwise (6)

  17  Diet for the populace recommended by Marie Antoinette (6)

  18  Do down gaoler (5)

  21  Grass gardeners have no time for (4)

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