Issue 308: Crossword No.308 – printable

20 January 2022

Crossword by Boffles



    1  Unfair treatment result of unrefined transaction? (3,4)

    5  Japan did with Germany in WWII (5)

    8  Musician told to roll over by the Beatles (9)

    9  ‘Be sure your …. will find you out.’ Numbers (3)

  10  Unit of heat produced by right in them (5)

  12  What a chugger and an attractive person does (7)

  13  Has R & J plot and NY location (4,4,5)

  15  Legal right joins river to give pain (7)

  17  Classic order of buildings (5)

  19  Feast reverse of expire (3)

  20  What Edward VIII did (9)

  22  Way of playing guitar is a bit odd (5)

  23  Infuriated outcome of English danger (7)


    1  Prove wrong altered underground growth (5)

    2  Small sweet with no ends (3)

    3  Digs up buzz between old partners (7)

    4  Bond title shows little respect for mortality (4,3,3,3)

    5  First light (3,2)

    6  Disapproval in spite of Diana’s support? (9)

    7  Ruling family seen on TV has unpleasant end (7)

  11  Seen on screen relaxed astride his hog (4,5)

  13  Watch someone appearing in court (7)

  14  Cocktail allows bike to carry another (7)

  16  Girl and marine remove protection (5)

  18  Such a message needs to be deciphered (5)

  21  Game often linked to grass these days (3)

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