9 September 2021

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    1  A god and avatar of another (7)

    5  Remains after things have been threshed out (5)

    8  Timid London side seen on the wing (13)

    9  Know Scots man (3)

  10  Confession extracted from the Artful Dodger? (1,2,1,5)

  12  Accomplished Zachary in short lightens the mood (6)

  13  A slip in cricket, a real problem in soccer (2,4)

  15  Evasive action taken on foot (9)

  16  Won when? (3)

  18  Condition of expertly made jam? (4-9)

  20  Redhead out of practice (5)

  21  Neat freaks cannot abide living in it (7)



    1  Useful for paddling your own canoe (5)

    2  Sea-girt base of a Greek league (6,2,5)

    3  They can kick off badly at football matches (9)

    4  Where you live and feel comfortable (2,4)

    5  River associated with blues (3)

    6  ‘The Great Gatsby’ or ‘East of Eden’, for example (8,5)

    7  Amount of dollars Clint Eastwood wanted (7)

  11  Assembled by one wedding party (9)

  12  After a conflict (7)

  14  Favoured by Parisiennes and certain special forces (6)

  17  Worn by a water bird? (5)

  19  ‘ An now I must  ….. for my fun’  Kipling (3)


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