Issue 289: Crossword No.289 – printable

22 July 2021

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    1  City prevail over another (10)

    7  How US gangsters like their drinks and their enemies (4)

    8  Such travellers often drive battered buses (3-3)

    9  How a plot develops (7)

  10  The Spanish formal greeting may get you ahead in the queue (8)

  11  Buying and selling occupation (5)

  13  1ac is one type (5)

  17  Walking stick used by officers with swagger when leading their men (8)

  18  Discloses window surrounds (7)

  19  Dream-like state induced by nectar? (6)

  20  Get nothing for a drinker (4)

  21  Pay is key to these workers (4,6)



    1  Drifter member of Russian group of artists (8)

    2  Muslim viceroys (6)

    3  Circus act where good balance is essential (4,4)

    4  Sound created by dynasty absorbing West (5)

    5  Thoroughness is deadly condition, we hear (6)

    6  Sort of bliss enjoyed by knot-tiers (6)

    9  Remove clothing and resultant state (7)

  11  Do such lords have a better time than spiritual ones? (8)

  12  CO2 ones unpopular now (8)

  14  Peninsula where the UK has a toehold (6)

  15  Tell base untruths to keep out of sight? (3,3)

  16  Savant’s driving aid ? (3-3)

  17  ‘All …… the watchtower Princes kept the view’ Dylan (5)



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