Issue 277: Crossword No.277 – printable

29 April 2021

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  Did he produce art on an industrial scale at his factory? (4,6)

    7  Famous faces were a 1ac one (5)

    8  How a plane arrives at an airport? (5,2)

  10  Funny old bravo (3)

  11  Like Billy No Mates (9)

  13  When the Irish celebrate they are not heathens (2,8,3)

  15  Of much interest to central banks (4,5)

  17  In short, voluntary arrangement for troubled companies (3)

  18  Poetry has its origin in this recollected in tranquillity, says Wordsworth (7)

  20  Muddle left when blade lacks start (5)

  21  Suited sportsman who needs a pull (5-5)



    1  Endless termite joins twit in port (7)

    2  Error in animal fails to to meet their obligations (9)

    3  Art cavemen went in for (4,9)

    4  Managed Asian city without tough (3)

    5  Bird river left (5)

    6  I am a candidate? Out of the question (10)

    9  Enjoyed by little conservatives and liberals? (5,5)

  12  Stan citizen (9)

  14  Clincher not necessarily involving close contact (7)

  16  Girly language? (5)

  19  Anger remaining if ridicule loses day (3)


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