8 April 2021

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file boffles crossword is shown in a hat sweating over the crossword on his mobile phone



    7  Classic beginning to classic tales (4,4,1,4)

    8  Acts tells their 12ac (8)

    9  Test can be practical (4)

  10  Dutch variety comes in a bottle (7)

  12  Toy or of O, perhaps (5)

  14  Musketeer with his own mount? (5)

  16  Outlaw regular guys for plucking instruments (7)

  19  Horse farm hunk (4)

  20  Musical 12ac (4,4)

  22  Such novels are full of teenage 4dn (4,2,7)



    1  Game for break? (4)

    2  Their job is to cut out the naughty bits (6)

    3  Regret Plato expressed for Socrates (7)

    4  Against, without artificial intelligence, creates anxiety (5)

    5  People do not mind ending up on the Wall one (6)

    6  His hero never grows up (1,1,6)

  11  Be faster at undressing? (8)

  13  Somebody manipulated pet’s foot (4-3)

  15  Seniors who will dream dreams in the last days, we are told (3,3)

  17  How the leopard got his spots?  Exactly (4,2)

  18  Speedy migrant who comes by air (5)

  21  ‘Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the …. of war’  Shakespeare (4)


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