18 February 2021

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon




    7  Wine you give a dog? So one hears (6)

    8  Seasonal punch (6)

    9  Rejection resulting from such a nose? (4)

  10  German chateau and letter produce wine (8)

  11  Steamy exercise programme (3,4)

  13  Man with a golden touch (5)

  15  A department in short is well-trained (5)

  17  Hidden meaning you should look for in cryptic clues (7)

  20  Tavern tour (3,5)

  21  Obligation created by posh girl with time (4)

  23  Such a voice is mellow and full-bodied (6)

  24  Be calm varietal (6)



    1  Where kings come from in Spain? (4)

    2  Drink which makes people the same? (6)

    3  They make drink that’s mine! (3,4)

    4  Insect joins Royal Society for what you have after the match (5)

    5  Rodent combining artificial intelligence and French taste (6)

    6  Famous appellation is half water (8)

  12  Passé Napoleonic troops? (3,5)

  14  Very fine description of Turkish government (7)

  16  Missing such meal is hard going (6)

  18  Very small drunk (6)

  19  Libidinous follower of Dionysus (5)

  22  Make what you have after the match (4)


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