Issue 257: Crossword No.257 – printable

26 November 2020

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file boffles crossword is shown in a hat sweating over the crossword on his mobile phone


Across     7  Pack animals based in the Midlands (6)     8  Team members identity parade (4-2)     9  Bidding system made up by a short officer? (4)   10  Team is not at home in this match (4)   11  Pavilion or Nursery? (3)   13  The price of a kiss? (7)   15  Grudge matches such as local derbies (5)   17  Run that can be black or blue (5)   19  Masters’ home (7)   22  Singular form of cricketing trophy (3)   23  Athletes can have such big ideas about themselves (4)   24  Mansfield or Luton? (4)   26  Curious offspring fancied to win? (4-2)   27  Take apart – your opponent’s defence, for example (6)   Down     1  Tech bubble that burst spectacularly (3-3)     2  Egg shaped ground (4)     3  Trier more at home on the page than the sports field? (7)     4  Obvious what the goalie has to do (5)     5  Acid source of sporting talent (3)     6  Escape route taken to the pitch (6)   12  Yoga poses pundit (4)   14  Manchester or Stoke? (4)   16  Dismisses batsman who falls short (4,3)   18  Internal favoured team? (6)   20  Sort of blow a batsman gives the ball (6)   21  A well-mannered chap footballers find useful? (5)   24  Race information given gratuitously (4)   25  You may be called this bit of it if you drop pass (3)          
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