25 June 2020

Crossword by Boffles

No.239 – The House of Lords


    7  It will not be in a conflict with 2dn (6)

    8  Could be described as such a scanner of bills (6)

    9  A member does not require one to put his on? (4)

  10  Sinister staff responsible for order (5,3)

  11  A member who does is not content (7)

  13  Do Americans call it and 2dn the this of Parliaments? (5)

  15  Membership can be for a dismissed minister (3)

  16  Slow mover PMs are happy to ennoble if expedient (7)

  18  No fairy tale that members have a big role in this (8)

  19  There is one to re-locate it (4)

  21  Members have been caught napping so (6)

  22  It starts work late so such chilling possible (3-3)



    1  Energy some peers contribute? (4)

    2  Different venue (but closely connected) (7,5)

    3  Compassion about mug for quality members should have (7)

    4  Assessment – by your peers no longer an option (5)

    5  Rustic aristocrat hopefully now absent (9,4)

    6  Many think it a club ripe for it (6)

  12  The spiritual members (7)

  14  Old complaint that its members are (7)

  17  The talking does when the motion is put to the vote (5)

  20  Boleyn convicted by a jury of members (4)


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