18 June 2020

Crossword by Boffles

No.238 Let’s Get Away!


    1  Architectural gem with mullahs but no bars (7)

    5  Dubai or Beirut for them (5)

    8  The man who will enjoy 13ac (5)

    9  It split from Yugoslavia (7)

  10  Old style African country re-discovered in Australia (4,5)

  12  Informal home – add Thai for street food (3)

  13  Where to grab a meal in France (6)

  14  Eastern Germany now free of them (5)

  17  Where to take the waters in Belgium (3)

  18  Fascinating Med city but mind your wallet! (9)

  19  Where to disembark for Happy Valley (7)

  20  Your plane does in foreign ones (5)

  23  Do wine buffs follow their’s? (5)

  24  Beautiful but troubled mountain area (7)



    1  Crowning feature of sachertorte (5)

    2  Follower useful in hot countries (3)

    3  Likely holiday transport (4,3)

    4  German flower is virginal Caribbean island, we hear, (6)

    5  Safari balloon takes you here to view game (5)

    6  First taste of Italy (9)

    7  Are such countries thrilling? (6)

  11  Capital of islands popular with birds? (3,6)

  13  Found in the Kalahari (7)

  15  Mountains great in winter and summer (3,4)

  16  Spirit of Asia found in soldier accommodation (6)

  18  Dhows or sampans, for example (5)

  21  Major destination, in short and not just for young Americans (3)

  22  Certain without end – half of great bit of US coast (3)



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