14 May 2020

Crossword by Boffles



    1  Damages down the East End (4)

    3  His education the subject of a famous book (3,5)

    9  Bad idea to buy property thus? (3,4)

  10  That of mine is my friend, they say (5)

  11  Their job is to knock you out (12)

  14  Insolence of the mouthy? (3)

  16  Hunker down on somebody else’s property (5)

  17  Reverse month for an edible tuber (3)

  18  Affliction the result of distance, not propinquity (12)

  21  Hitches, for example – no problem for sailors (5)

  22  Artist who sought asylum in Provence (3,4)

  23  Suggestion not necessarily made on bended knee (8)

  24  Achievement sounds like something you stand on (4)



    1  Lovable girl with skilful surround (8)

    2  Family organisation unlikely to do anything 15dn (5)

    4  Possess urban area with no beginning (3)

    5  Such a view leaves you gasping for air? (12)

    6  Freedom to fly under this policy (4,3)

    7  Votes sound horsey (4)

    8  State of readiness required for rocket launch (3,7,2)

  12  Maiden awaiting men in Paradise, some believe (5)

  13  Album that breaks records? (5,3)

  15  Work done for no reward except in heaven (3,4)

  19  Run away animal without insect (5)

  20  Omit rubbish container (4)

  22  The Roman way to go (3)




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