7 May 2020

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    7  Weapon description (6)

    8  Destination of Gauguin and HMS Bounty (6)

    9  Rick’s or The Blue Angel perhaps (4)

  10  What a Hitchcock lady does (8)

  11  9ac or a performance seen at it (7)

  13  Sergeant Pepper or Blonde on Blonde, for example (5)

  15  Wall Street reptile, we hear (5)

  16  Westerns feature shoddy workmen (7)

  18  The man in charge of shooting (8)

  19  Zero people horror film (4)

  21  Hardy shrub? (6)

  22  Wrong number of oceans (6)



    1  It tolls for thee (4)

    2  Jewel of of a Caribbean blackguard? (3,5,5)

    3  Thespian derived from a Dickens character and I (7)

    4  Hurtful swindle (5)

    5  Someone who gives the game away? (7-6)

    6  I do the work of twelve good men and true (1,3,4)

  12  National who danced in Paris (8)

  14  She sounds a magnet for Scottish climbers (6)

  17  The opposite of a moving picture (5)

  20  What’s the point of a film for your’s only? (4)






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