12 December 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    7  Newspaper article supports Nelson (6)

    8  Opposed to a piece of poetry (6)

    9  Strike-breaker hides chartered accountant inside (4)

  10  Liar’s underwear? (3,5)

  11  Lewis who created a wonderland (7)

  13  Liberal with views more red than white (5)

  15  On which magisterial bottoms sit (5)

  17  Popular curry house dish (7)

  20  Attractive companion with a sweet side for social display (3,5)

  21  Canine (English) for ruler of a Mediterranean power (4)

  22  Arid nonsense attacks wood (3,3)

  23  Location of Assisi (6)



    1  Said on capturing someone but nothing to do with tea (6)

    2  Informal outer area of a US city (4)

    3  Mound resulting from insect excavations (7)

    4  Political group celebration (5)

    5  Doggedness displayed when number joins an urban area (8)

    6  Exclamation of disapproval (3,3)

  12  Played by Ascot goers? (4,4)

  14  Large and neat amount (4,3)

  16  Often excepted together with omissions in contracts (6)

  18  Your’s may hurt if you have one too many (6)

  19  Opinions differ about how many one should drink per week (5)

  21  Fish finger prints (4)


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