5  December 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    6  Annual aquatic contest between blues (4,4)

    8  I managed country (4)

    9  Uttered by Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker? Bien sur (3,3)

  10  Clock sounds signify approval (5)

  11  Bad conduct of a girl? So we hear (12)

  12  Given by women to non-combatants during WWI (5,7)

  15  Religious leader nearly an inhabitant of Watership Down (5)

  16  ‘The secret of happiness is to …. without desiring’ Bradley (6)

  18  Only slightly open for what you enjoy after the match? (4)

  19  Competition to avoid dismissal? (4,4)



    1  Does it require chukka boots? (4)

    2  Game over when they are drawn (6)

    3  Struggle between Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker? (6,2,4)

    4  Kipling hero and Greek letter create Korean dish (6)

    5  Atlantic city (6)

    7  Wasteful expenditure (12)

  11  Grandee likely to play 1dn (8)

  13  Humourless gallows location (6)

  14  Spanish dude (6)

  17  Lorry does not start rugger term (4)


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