28 November 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file boffles crossword is shown in a hat sweating over the crossword on his mobile phone



    1  Pipe-smoking detective sounds like houses (6)

    4  1ac reputedly said ‘Elementary, my dear’ to him (6)

    9  To be distinguished from flora and fauna (7)

  10  Kind of response that lacks enthusiasm (5)

  11  Stakhanovites have a work one (5)

  12  Students lose start to become wage recipients (7)

  13  Aristocratic sleuth known for fanciful behaviour? Sounds like it (5,6)

  18  Straighten out United Nations composer? (7)

  20  Re-arrange choir to produce what flows in godly veins (5)

  22  Garden feature gives protection against loss (5)

  23  Angered? Expressed another way (7)

  24  Careless about girl? (6)

  25  The Parthenon was dedicated to her (6)



    1  Small village tragedy (6)

    2  It’s never free, so they say (5)

    3  Pain caused by the loud-mouthed? (7)

    5  Every one wants to play 1dn (5)

    6  Greatest can be chicken (7)

    7  Likes to bare all, not just their teeth (6)

    8  Unwitting nocturnal rambler (11)

  14  Rank held by Warwick the Kingmaker (7)

  15  Pipe-smoking detective with a madame (7)

  16  Conan Doyle or Simenon, for example (6)

  17  Game connects opposites (6)

  19  Examines opinions (5)

  21  He starts and ends Danish word for their cosy life (5)


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