19 September 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  Robbery of software and ships (6)

    4  Conquistador who according to Keats stared at the Pacific (6)

    9  People struggle to decipher his Mona Lisa (2,5)

  10  Belonging to them is, for the most part, a successor (5)

  11  Pleasant takes in English for a female relative (5)

  12  A false one saves you nothing (7)

  13  Catering officer became an explorer with endeavour? (7,4)

  18  Delight you enjoy in this sort of bath? (7)

  20  Flowery but affectionate form of address (5)

  22  Part of roof that belongs to Adam’s wife, so it sounds (5)

  23  You can win with a place with this bet (4,3)

  24  Informal farewell thus extended (2,4)

  25  The big cheese on paper (6)



    1  Stuffy stickler (6)

    2  A show and, you hear, an assessment (5)

    3  Music performed on the seafront? (7)

    5  Surpass with alfresco party? (5)

    6  Join game for Italian painter (7)

    7  Wanderers homeless when joined with waifs (6)

    8  Battles one of the elements (11)

  14  Handel celebrated the Queen of Sheba’s (7)

  15  Popular, if fishy, US peninsula (4,3)

  16  The cradle of democracy (6)

  17  Contestant and somebody with influence (6)

  19  Scandi playwright (5)

  21  That is owl sound (2,3)


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