12 September 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    5  Cross marks (8)

    7  A Bronte Jane (4)

    8  Psychological conflict (3,2,6)

  10  Makes you laugh how some people see life (6)

  12  18ac made for two (6)

  13  Made his mark with Cleopatra (6)

  15  Capital no fun for feminists (6)

  16  First class security (7,4)

  18  Boris’ trusty 9dn (4)

  19  You are advised to pack up your troubles in this old bag (3)

  20  Comprised, inter alia, of units of seven and twelve (4)



    1  State of anxiety induced by an Irish dish? (4)

    2  Insect that infests watering holes? (6)

    3  Obvious right (6)

    4  What a star is and may have (8,4)

    6  Contained a snake in the grass (6,2,4)

    9  Rocinante was Don Quixote’s trusty one (5)

  11  Possess a head makes confess (3,2)

  14  Hunting cry of encouragement (6)

  15  Useful when you’re far from the TV (6)

  17  Start of the campaign (1-3)


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