11 July 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    7  ‘O for a …… full of the warm South’  Keats (6)

    8  Bird whose quarry is over-weight? (6)

    9  Unperceived tree still in it, according to Berkeley (4)

  10  Used to build modern universities? (3-5)

  11  Son in eye for taverna drink (7)

  13  Calm needed for the production of spirits (5)

  15  Type of cider (5)

  17  Dominant force in a small pond (3,4)

  20  Film genre also popular in the East (8)

  21  You aren’t half irritating if you get someone’s (4)

  22  Incarcerate somebody obtaining work experience (6)

  23  Biblical vineyard owner maltreated by a Jezebel (6)



    1  Fine north-east wine producing area (6)

    2  Row where you slide into poverty? (4)

    3  Alcohol-free pistes? (3,4)

    4  Where peers deliberate on the rules of cricket? (5)

    5  Appetite stimulant (8)

    6  Succulent Mexican drink (6)

  12  Wine with bubbles (8)

  14  Health-giving root that starts with hard liquor (7)

  16  Marks the end of plays and not just classical ones (6)

  18  Inhabitants of this type of town have nothing to sing about (6)

  19  The wheels of justice do so exceeding fine (5)

  21  Sailing turn sounds like a jeer (4)


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