4 July 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  Birthplace of democracy (6)

    5  Best form of defence (6)

    8  Many a ship has come to grief on one (4)

    9  Suggestive remark starts with a pub (8)

  10  Artistic beard (3,4)

  11  Astonish sounds like a Hampton Court attraction (5)

  13  Remote Pacific location celebrating the Resurrection (6,6)

  16  Plays dirty (5)

  18  ‘You’ll always find me in the …….. at parties’  Jona Lewie (7)

  21  Signatory to a King’s death warrant (8)

  22  What she is in France (4)

  23  Can be combined with dinner or just a potato (6)

  24  Smart – not only for women (6)



    2  These years can be difficult (7)

    3  He swore he did this and blinded (5)

    4  Likes to adhere to the rules (8)

    5  Florentine flower (4)

    6  Sort of vest you need for gliding? (7)

    7  Where the King of Spain’s beard got singed (5)

  12  Return on your investment (8)

  14  Flowering plant that sounds like slightly lose one’s temper? (3,4)

  15  Bugs found on the Isle of Wight (7)

  17  Carnivore that has a laugh (5)

  19  Minoan island

  20  Eat carefully what one eats (4)


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