27 June 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out




    7  Messianic composer (6)

    8  ‘What news on the ……?’ The Merchant of Venice (6)

    9  Did Jane Austen also write about Pip? (4)

  10  Cheeky if rash loses right (8)

  11  William Tell had a talent for it (7)

  13  Made a Mephistophelian bargain (5)

  15  Solid chap used for construction (5)

  17  Attempt to turn base metals into gold (7)

  20  Gentlemanly conflict? (5,3)

  21  A spot of kip or shut-eye (4)

  22  It drives people to get together (6)

  23  Body of work (6)



    1  Used by Edward I to nail down the Scots? (6)

    2  ‘Between the … And the reality, between the motion And the act’ Eliot (4)

    3  Opera features an Italian girl in this city (7)

    4  Grumble about firm grasp of English (5)

    5  Opposite of a soft currency? (4,4)

    6  Diamonds and rubies, for example (6)

  12  Uncle who gave his name to a trail and a city (2,3,3)

  14  First to fly across La Manche (7)

  16  You will find it in your Christmas pudding (6)

  18  Composer famous for his marriage and clemency (6)

  19  What nice Victorian girls did when confronted by something nasty (5)

  21  Top Olympian (4)



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