6 June 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  You elegant …….! How charmingly sweet you sing’  Lear (4)

    3  The end of the line for Napoleon? (8)

    8  The Flying Scotsman and Rocket, for example (7)

  10  They all lead to Rome apparently (5)

  11  Man in the know? (3)

  12  Controversial foodstuffs produced by General Motors? (2,5)

  14  When the hour does, so does the man, so the saying goeth (6)

  16  Connection in Georgia but a Russian composer (6)

  18  Agreement rules – OK? (8,3)

  21  Social variety a key element of modern life (5)

  22  ‘By Grand ….. Station I sat down and wept’  E Smart (7)

  23  Lear wrote a book of it (8)

  24  Those in favour of a Commons motion (4)



    1  Sense of enjoyment you get gratis at football matches? (4,4)

    2  Hitch your’s to a star if you are ambitious (5)

    4  Wine-producing area often linked with Lorraine (6)

    5  Murderous peer sought here and everywhere (4,2,5)

    6  Affair but not necessarily with an officer (7)

    7  Unseat in knightly combat without the start (4)

    9  Caring songbird (11)

  13  Model platforms (8)

  15  Home of Philip and Alexander (7)

  17  Follows lines (6)

  19  Vehicle its owner cannot  have no truck with (5)

  20  Heard in church – verily (4)


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