30 May 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    7  Star who sounds like a Scottish mountain (6)

    8  What the Director shouts to get things moving (6)

    9  Lacklustre half of comedy duo? (3)

  10  Old-fashioned illumination for a mystery film (8)

  11  Harry Palmer participated in one in Berlin (7)

  13  Sharon known for her basic instinct (5)

  15  Role of 6dn (5)

  17  Aristocrat played by Keira Knightley (7)

  20  Film festival founded by a kid? (8)

  21  ‘……. me in St Louis’- a major Garland hit (4)

  23  Strike call in I’m All Right Jack? (3,3)

  24  Dial M for it (6)



    1  John responsible for the man who shot Liberty Valance (4)

    2  One was too far (6)

    3  Ingmar or Ingrid? (7)

    4  James Dean was a rebel without one (5)

    5  Hungry Dickens character filmed by D Lean (1,5)

    6  A-lister and Seattle insomniac (3,5)

  12  Split up, Hollywood style (8)

  14  Institution that suffered a disturbed night (6)

  16  Had casual work as a Bond villain (6)

  18  A Mexican man in westerns (6)

  19  Ekberg who had a dolce vita? (5)

  22  James Dean appeared East of it (4)


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