9 May 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    6  Informal yes gives a start to someone young and upwardly mobile (6)

    7  More cheeky author of sorts (6)

    9  Wait for your’s when you play Go! (4)

  10  Inactive spies who support railways? (8)

  11  How hospital patients are housed sounds like into the interior (2,5)

  13  From where the good news was brought to Aix (5)

  15  One was sixth in Scotland and first in England (5)

  17  A moral one is useful in navigating life (7)

  20  Theatrical try-out (8)

  21  Good fortune comes when bravery loses beginning (4)

  22  Shortage created when expiry takes in right (6)

  23  ‘Our ….. now are ended’ as Shakespeare said when the party finished (6)



    1  ‘Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun’ (6)

    2  Our life one is now longer than three score and ten (4)

    3  Doctors need to work on this manner (7)

    4  Said to be one of the few certainties of life (5)

    5  Big city with a conservative bazaar (6)

    8  Where you go to inform on policemen? Surely not! (3,4)

  12  Arty workshop (7)

  14  You are not doing it right if you cut them (7)

  16  Victoria allegedly was not (6)

  18  The favourite agricultural implement of communists (6)

  19  Questionable swimming pool in France? (5)

  21  Makes the world go round singers seem to think (4)



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