2 May 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  Where paradoxically weight loss is cultivated (3,4)

    5  Let down blue queen (5)

    8  A lot of serving here and not just strawberries (9)

    9  Thus quietly is a minor concession (3)

  10  Mark you do not want on your character (5)

  12  Transport for all in Rome (7)

  13  Attractive if conventional – honestly! (4-3-6)

  15  People had great expectations of him (7)

  17  Financial check (5)

  19  Underground Reed (3)

  20  Placed at a distance from each other as not with it? (6-3)

  22  Body cleansing possibly provided by a spa (5)

  23  Crucial substance for driving in France? (7)



    1  Birds and loud ones (5)

    2  Two of him make a drum (3)

    3  Starting point of General Sherman’s march (7)

    4  Illness that drives cattle crazy? (3,3,7)

    5  Bolshy person (5)

    6  Skiffle instrument used in the home (9)

    7  Snappy retort (7)

  11  Fought on St Crispin’s Day (9)

  13  Tipsy and confused with be (7)

  14  Sect the same as the Shakers? (7)

  16  Area with a laddish reputation (5)

  18  Mr, for example, or something nobler (5)

  21  To come into one’s is to succeed (3)


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