7 March 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  Island home of Homeric hero (6)

    4  Change sleeping partners frequently (6)

    9  Victory not worth celebrating (7)

  10  Elephant to be avoided (5)

  11  Treatment for addictive personalities (5)

  12  One half of a loving couple (7)

  13  Comes to your aid on the chess board? (5,6)

  18  Responsible for three sisters and an uncle (7)

  20  Plant with troops (5)

  22  Gazes at somebody with good ones (5)

  23  Used by soldiers to pack up their troubles? (3,4)

  24  There shall be joy in Heaven over one that repents (6)

  25  Lady harbours boats (6)



    1  I’m uncontaminated and contaminated (6)

    2  Draconian or severe (5)

    3  Live together without marriage lines (7)

    5  Weird it sounds like an eagle’s nest (5)

    6  Soap for pigs? That’s nonsense (7)

    7  Pretentious and affected people (6)

    8  Wrote a cracker of a ballet (11)

  14  Dance folk  hold in the US when the gardening is finished? (7)

  15  Cool version of popular drink (4,3)

  16  Cake town and Goon (6)

  17  Former Russian port has a file (6)

  19  Can result in less speed (5)

  21  Indian dish that sounds like a canal worker (5)


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