7 February 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    7  Capital place for traitors (5,2,6)

    8  Buying new issue shares for a quick profit – not attending  a bachelor party (8)

    9  Muddied ones coupled with flannelled fools by Kipling (4)

  10  ‘Out of my lean and low…….I’ll lend you something’  Shakespeare (7)

  12  Wrote a poem about a femme fatale (5)

  14  Little starting point of a tall oak (5)

  16  Unsettled people are (7)

  19  Wishy-washy character formed by a bead of water (4)

  20  Ascot and Epsom sort of person (8)

  22  Wearing clothing to emphasise high status (5,8)



    1  Crazy bird (4)

    2  Chap meets smart girl to form Indian region (6)

    3  Community that can be polite or high (7)

    4  Sells whips (5)

    5  Home entertainment? (2-4)

    6  Thrown at the happy couple (8)

  11  Where to cut a secret deal (8)

  13  Instructive buses? (7)

  15  Gritty musician sounds like sweet packaging (6)

  17  Month for a grouse? (6)

  18  Of Abydos or bartered, perhaps (5)

  21  Outspoken Australian Dame (4)


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