10 January 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    1  The pen is said to be mightier (5)

    4  Grape variety found in the Gulf area (6)

    9  Bishop’s area of responsibility (7)

  10  Musical work or works (5)

  11  Alpha males and daughter make a change (5)

  12  Flashy lady is all this but lacks underwear (3,4)

  13  Presidential candidate’s jogging chum? (7,4)

  18  Donation assistance from the Chancellor (4,3)

  19  Needs a corresponding credit in the books (5)

  21  Metallic sarcasm? (5)

  23  Makes his calls from a minaret (7)

  24  Bawdy song features one called Nell (6)

  25  Proclaims nations (6)



    1  Middle Eastern dictator out of a sorrowful mare (6)

    2  Layer depleted by global warming (5)

    3  China town blown to bits (7)

    5  A drone perhaps? (3)

    6  Tick off, not eat alfresco (4,3)

    7  Health proposals given at the end of dinners (6)

    8  Senseless and speechless (4-3-4)

  14  Remove dress of a naughty vicar (7)

  15  ‘Of all the glad New-year, mother, the ………., merriest day;’ Tennyson (7)

  16  Burst into flames (6)

  17  Restricts growth with attention seeking acts (6)

  20  Composed a 10ac about a cigarette girl (5)

  22  PM reverses into a sweet potato (3)


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